Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Century amongst friends ...

Last Sunday I led another local Century ride around the city and by all accounts it turned out to be a pretty good ride. Since the time change we get a little more sunlight in the early hours but now it is getting cold. OK, cold for Vegas, low 50's. I sure don't miss that midwest cold anymore: low of 30 °F in Illinois this morning! No thanks. Been there, got the t-shirt. I'm always amazed how many people we get on these rides. Long distance cycling seems to bring out the one's who compete against themselves more than against their fellow riders. Take Jason for example. This guy rides a Century on Friday on his road bike, rides a Century on Saturday on his Mountain Bike ( 4 x 25 mile loops) and then, rides with us on Sunday for another 100 miles! He either loves his bike or he likes daily pain!

Actually, I like to mentor some of the new folks along. I guess that's why I joined the Air Force to fly jets, got a Masters in Business, and now work as a contractor instructor for the Air Force. Strange what lines of work we all fall into in our lives. Anyway, it was great to see Tracey come out and brave the ride with the guys. She doesn't ride real fast, but she can definately motor.

One thing we always get a chuckle out of is how nobody who lives and rides on the Westside of town waves back when we offer a brief wave and a smile. Must be something in the water over there in Summerlin. Same goes for the "racer dudes" whom we affectionately refer to as the "owners" of the road. As we cruised past Red Rock, four of the "owners" past our peleton with that non-approval, you are a Fred look and started a rotating paceline. Being on the front of our group, I calmly and shamelessly kept our group well protected from the wind in their ensuing draft. I must admit, I felt a little guilty but not really! I subsequently noticed that a few of the "owners" were getting a bit winded as we approached that last little hill of the day. I got one of those Mr. Grinch kinda grins and waited patiently for the opportune moment to strike. Suddenly, there it was, a small but noticeable break in the pace: from 32 mph to 29 mph. I pounce like a cheetah! My group follows me and we smoke the owners up and over the summit. God that was fun! We trade leads with the owners for another couple of miles and I guess we got their respect because as we departed company we got a nod of approval and a, "nice job gentlemen." I smiled and thought, "yeah, I need your recognition dickhead!"

Oops play nice with others!

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