Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nelson's Landing — I hate this ride!

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"I've just got to do this climb, come on with me!" Well, as the Nike slogan goes, I just did it. Not that I don't like climbing; on the contrary, I really like climbing at my own pace and enjoying the scenery. Nelsons Landing ride really doesn't have all that much appeal really. You turn down I-93 towards Searchlight and about 8 miles later you find yourself at the Nelson's turnoff. It is about an eight mile grind at 4-5%, then the bomber downhill to the river. The town of Nelson is about 4 miles into the descent and really isn't much to look at. Mostly, a run down mining town from way back. The real treat is the mighty Colorado River. A truly breathtaking view. The only problem is you have to go back up the 8-10% climb for 8.7miles on the way back! So, you just do it...again! Any who, any day on a bicycle is a good day, that's for sure!

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