Tuesday, December 11, 2007


In keeping with my tradition of "Going Green" and the fact that Al Gore won the nobel peace prize (for what reason, I have no idea), I thought I would commute to work today on my trusty, Specialized TriCross converted to commuting bike. Actually, I had to commute because I did not get my sorry ass out on the road all weekend! And...Keith's car broke, so I had to lend him mine so he could get to school. As a result of my insightful and philanthropic decision, I surpassed my personal mileage goal for 2007. As you can see from the graphic above, I soared through 8,000 miles for the first time ever. I made it a personal challenge to try and average 700 miles per month this year and the overall average is hovering right at that mark. What's the point you ask? Well, I was told once that if you want to achieve a goal, you first have to write it down. So, I did that. Secondly, I was told that you have to commit to achieving the goal. I did that too! How? By joining one of the neatest sites on the net for cyclists: Bike Journal Bike Journal and all of its thousands of members inspired me to log each and every ride. Their slogan: "Ride, Log, Repeat." By logging my miles, visiting other rider journals, and sharing my experiences on the forum, I not only commited to my goal without actually realizing it, but I made some new and really cool virtual friends along the way. I had toyed with the idea of riding 10,000 miles next year, but that's a big nut to crack! Buy hey, I like cracking big nuts, so I think I'll go for it and just see what happens, eh? Looking at the glass half-full, all I could do is just surpass the 8,000 mile mark I made this year, right?

Ok. Somebody tell me how a fat, former Vice President of the United States won a Nobel Peace Prize anyway? I saw the movie and all it was was a real nice PowerPoint presentation. Heck, at least I'm going green by riding my bicycle to work while this guy jets all over the globe burning up dead dinosaurs, and living in a fuel guzzling house!

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HRlaughed said...

Hey, don't misunderestimate the power of a really great Powerpoint presentation, especially if fat guys can turn down the lights, taking attention away from their own obesity and focusing it elsewhere. That's where obese guys shine, donchaknow?

As for all those miles, waytogoyoupowerfuldude! Next year 10,000 miles? Impossible I say! Unless you decide to do the HooDoo 500 in September again, only this time actually TRAIN for it! Then you gotta shot...