Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mozam is Doin' Dirt!

Well after my very first experience with "doing dirt" here in Las Vegas many moons ago, I swore never again! I guess I lied. Some of my road friends talked me into getting the Mtn Bike off the wall, tuned up, and ready for an "easy" ride. All in all, I was kinda excited to try some thing new. Not that my road miles are boring or anything, I was just curious to see how I'd feel about this new type of cycling. So, off the wall came the bike, out came the camel back; and off to the dirt I went.

It was a great day to do dirt, as Mike calls it. Windy as hell, cloudy and cold. All the elements for a reason to stay off the road for sure. We met up at the "beginner" section near Blue Diamond and Cottonwood, two very popular places to "do dirt" around here. We started off with a nice 4 mile loop that had a few challenging climbs and some really nice single track. After the first loop, I guess everybody thought I was doing pretty well, so they decided to "graduate" me to some more technical stuff. Holy crap! All I could do was stare at the trail ahead of me, and try like hell not to hit the rocks. That was tough man! I did not realize how much concentration Mtn Biking takes. And, when you start to bonk a little bit, you get real slow and stupid, that's for sure. I've now officially joined the "doin dirt" ranks because I left some skin out there on the rocks. A little of my right shin, which still hurts like hell, and some off my left elbow. Yeah, I'm a tough dirt man now, so look out!

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