Monday, December 31, 2007

OK, It's decided and done!

Alright, I've made my decision for 2008. And...I'm making it official and in writing by putting my goals down in this blog. First off, let's reflect a little on 2007. Oh, Happy New Year everyone! And...Say happy B-day to Mrs. Mozam, it's her 51st this year on Jan 1, 2008. Ok, back on topic. Like I said before, last year was a banner year for me cycling wise, and I even surpassed my goal for the year. Unfortunately, this month has been a rather dismal month of cycling due to illness, which I can't seem to shake all the way. But, given the situation, I did pretty well and topped off the year just under 8,400 miles. With only one Double and a hand full of centuries this year, I think I did pretty well on the organized cycling front. So, the question remains for what to do in 2008?

Here's the plan (click on titles to follow the link):

Total 2008 miles: 8,800. That's 10% over 2007.

Jan: Lotsa training miles: Shooting for 800 plus for the month, 1 local Century

Feb: Butterfield Double

March: Solvang Double

April: Training carryover, with 1 local Century

May: Davis Double Century, or possibly the Eastern Sierra Double in June

June: LA Wheelmen Grand Tour

July: Training Month with at least 800 miles.

Aug: Desperado Duel Century Option

Sep: HooDoo 500 (50 plus)

Oct: Solvang Fall Double (never done this ride but looks really good)

Nov: Event options open. Looking for 700-800 mile in training.

Dec: Same as November.

Now I guess the question remains can Mozam do all of this? Somebody once said: "Always shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will still hit the stars."

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