Monday, December 24, 2007

The Start of it All

I can feel the sea breeze in this photo: Bellows Beach

Ever wonder how things get started? Well, I was sitting in this very chair on 25 Nov 2005 when I decided to start a photo album for my son. I took on this monumental task because when my 'ole man died back in 1991 I found a bunch of photos of people in his family who I didn't even know. So, that began the journey into the land of scanning, categorizing and organizing hundreds of photos of our family so my son's kids don't have to look at a picture and say, "who the f__k is that." What does that have to do with cycling you ask? Well, while I was thumbing through all our family photos from our days in Hawaii from 1994 to 1997, I came across a few that we took during our very first organized cycling event, the Honolulu Advisor Century ride. And as they say, "that was the start of it all."

Looking back to the North from Hanama Bay and Hawaii Kai area

As I recall, it was a beautiful day, and what day is not beautiful in Hawaii, eh? I bought a Burly Zydeco Tandem back then and thought it was such a great bike. Actually, it was a real POS by today's standards. But hey, we weren't real roadies anyway. We just puttered along the Pearl Harbor bike path and took a few trips around the base on weekends in those days. Anway, like I said, it was a great day and we were really gonna have fun on this one. I remember the routing taking us through downtown Honolulu, up and around Diamond Head, through Hawaii Kai, past Hanama Bay, with the turnaround someplace near Bellows Beach. It was truly an epic ride and probably the reason my son, Keith, has never taken up cycling with me. He learned all about the dreaded bonk monkey and just how grumpy Dad can be when junior decides to ride the tandem instead of pedaling the tandem! Regardless of all of the bad things that happened that day, I only remember how gorgeous the scenery was and how thankful I felt to be part of it all.

The Mighty Burley Zydeco Tandem

The Kid Bonks!

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