Monday, January 28, 2008

Here we go again!

Well, this is just peachy! It rained like a cow pissin’ on a flat rock yesterday and now this today. Al Gore must here campaigning for that bitch Hillary or something. Maybe he should get out his MacBook and do another f__king presentation, and explain why the f__king wind is blowing so hard. After all, he did invent the internet so explaining the cause of this wind outta be easy for a genius like him. Next thing ya know Mitt Romney will be here telling all these Sin Sity Sinner’s the benefits of becoming a Mormon. Oh, that’s right, there already is one of their “meeting houses” on every f__king corner around here anyway. But, I digress... Here is the current observation as I sit here on my ass during my normal lunch time ride


VALID 281600Z (28/0800L) TO 282000Z (28/1200L)

Weather Warning for Nellis AFB:

High Winds >= 50 kts, maximum expected 50 kts.

I had actually contemplated riding today thinking to myself, “gee how bad can it really get anyway?” What a stupid thought on my part. Go outside and stand in this sh_t dumbass! The base weather guesser just sent out an email with a weather warning saying the winds could get as high as 50 knots! I’m psyched now! That’s about 56 mph for all you non-military type folks. I guess it will be a good day for core work. Yeah, right? Haven’t even started doing that yet. God, I hate the gym too. But as the Nike saying goes: “Just do it.” Think I’ll bitch a little more though before actually working out. Get’s me in the mood.

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Howard said...

Holy mother of God, Mozam, are you trying to horn in on Pansy's territory? I haven't blushed that much since... well, since I read Pansy's blog!

Darn spoiled Vegasites. One little wind storm and you get all whiny! Never mind that it's over 70F and sunny 355 days of the year!