Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Screw Work. I’m going to Bavaria


Yep, as I drove down I-15 I decided to just keep going on to Bavaria. I showed the gate guard my base pass, drove into the parking lot, got out, punched in my code into the vault door and there I was, Bavaria! The land of Beer, Wurst, and bike paths. Holy shit! Bike paths. These things are freaking everywhere. You can even go over to Austria, Chekoslavakia, Italy, and even other parts of Germany on a bike path. And, you can do it in most cases without even seeing a car! Now that’s amazing.


Now that I’m there I think I’ll visit Munich. I went there once in the mid-80’s with a bunch of other fighter pilots over Labor Day weekend. We travelled from Ramstein Air Base via train to downtown Munich and rented a hotel room for all 8 of us! Geez, that was fun. Especially after drinking beer all night long. Talk about a bunch of wet seals lying around the room the next morning… burping, farting, and climbing over each other to get to the small bathroom. Here’s a great quote I found on Crazyguy.

Be aware that Oktoberfest beer - specially brewed for the occasion - is stronger than usual. The standard serving size is one liter (about two pints). The Hofbräuzelt is very popular with Americans, Australians and New Zealanders - probably due to the Hofbräuhaus' international fame. Female Australian visitors are known among the locals for their willingness to bare their bosoms and regal the oompah band with their bras (no kidding).

Yep, been there. Lived it. Seen it!
Knock, Knock, Knock. “Hey, Mozam where is the Netherland’s F-16 tactics manual?” Wow, that was fast. I’m back in the vault. “It’s not done yet, we’ll have it done by the end of the week.” Crap, I don’t even remember getting on the plane back to Vegas. Oh well, I’ll go back again soon enough. After all, the internet is a wonderful thing. Here ya go take a trip of your own to Bavaria. Next time I’m taking the bike!

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Anonymous said...

you have been to bavaria before, or was it merely the black forest? oh how quickly you forget.
"the Kid"
btw, 510 on the new steed. great ride, you are right once again. thanks.