Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Fun Rough Ride


Watching these guys up in the hills around our house all week, we got a little curious about what they were doing. Sure enough, they were putting in another trail. So, we just had to get out the Rough Rider bikes and take a look for ourselves. The new trail is perfect, or at least near-perfect. It appears that building a new trail includes putting down a lot of extra soil were the trail is cut. I guess this improves smoothness or something. Either that, or ensures nothing really grows back. I dunnno! Anyway, it was good thing we had the extra wide tires on today. Otherwise, we would have been doing a lot more hiking than biking.

Exploring a new powerline road, we huffed and puffed our way up a really steep incline. The road basically sucked because of all the huge rocks and it really wasn't even suitable for a mountain bike. So, we reversed course and headed back to the Joshua Tree trail for some fun. That one is a blast. A couple of miles of groomed trail the dumps out on to a more manageable powerline road. This Rough Rider thing could easily become a habit. But man is my bike a mess!


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