Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bike Journal Reunion Day 1


Mozam Get's His Audience with the Queen Pansy

Greetings from El Paso del Robles (I have now idea what that means) and the Great Western Bike Rally! We arrived about 2pm, got settled into the hotel in Atascadero and wandered over the Paso Robles fairgrounds in search of our Bike Journal virtual buddies. This is the first time I've met any of these folks in person with the exception of SteveO. Her Royal Highness, Miz Pansy and I tagged up via cell phone and could be seen walking towards each other while communicating via satellite. You could not miss her as she was sporting the latest in cycling fashion via a Bike Journal jersey and orange camouflage shorts. Let me tellya, she is one hot babe in that outfit. Also sporting designer shades and some serious bright blue eye makeup that I wouldn't get see until later. Everyone was pounding some Fat Tire as we arrive at the communal campsite and I thought, "hey, I like these guys!" After introductions, a beer and some first time EVER recumbant time, we piled into cars and had some really great Mexican food. Ya gotta love California Mexican food. Best ever! That and a 32 ounce local brew, or which, I could only consume 30 ounces...Jr. Mozam helped me with the rest. Twas a great way to top off a long trip in the car. Tommorrow. A no drop ride that Homey has planned and some BBQ at Casa Homey. Grilled Lamb, the ever present BBQ hamburgers, hot dogs...and I'm sure...more brew!

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