Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bike Journal Reunion, Days 2 & 3

A Myriad of Photos of the Weekend. Thanks to: Mozam, GW_12, Fredwina, and of course; the one and the ONLY Miz Pansy Palmetto!

Awesome is the word to describe these two days for sure. Day 2 took us on a no drop ride through wine country courtesy of our tour guide, Homey. The 30 mile route took us on some of the lesser known and lesser traveled roads through Paso Robles. In fact, they were so less traveled we only saw just a few cars all day. Of the cars out there, we were lucky to happen upon a line of Ferrari's in a hurry to "get somewhere." Check them out in the video above. Along with the route, the weather was perfect and stayed that way all day. I love this place and I'll be back again, that's for certain.

The whole Great Western Bike Rally is a kinda, do it as you want kind of event. Although there are detailed routes available, none are touted as organized rides. Various groups just get on the road and go. That's kind of nice and keeps the groups sizes more manageable out on the road.

Not to be out done by day two, day three added even more to the splendor that is known as the Central Coast. A few of us brave soles, took on the, "Homey Century." The start time, thank God, was moved back to a more reasonable starting hour of 7am. The temperature, however, was bit nippy hovering around 42 degrees for an overcast, brisk start. The cold would abate quickly as we climbed up Peachycanyon Rd. The twists and turns, combined with the grade warmed us up quite nicely. At the top, we waited for the other riders who joined us on one of the most spirited and scenic descents I've ever had the pleasure to experience. Making our way to Hwy 46 for the last screaming downhill into Cambria, I parted ways to meet Mrs. Mozam and Jr. Mozam for a wonderful lunch in a quaint restaurant smack dab in the middle of downtown Cambria. If you get a chance to visit this town, you won't go away disappointed.

Leaving the rest of the Mozam's behind to enjoy Hearst Castle, I set out on the return home. I knew from the descent into Cambria that the ascent back out was going to be a challenge. The climb did not disappoint. Nine miles later and 1762 feet, I hit the summit about an hour after my start. The climb is relentless at about 6% average with spots reaching 8%. The scenery was just awesome and took my thoughts far away from the pain, so that was a relief. The small, short climbs finishing the route back in to Paso Robles paled in comparison. All in all, this was a superb trip and one which we will certainly repeat in the future.

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jobob said...

Thanks for the report, Mozam! Almost good as being there. Errr, well ... :)
- Jo.