Monday, June 15, 2009

Boulder City and 86 °F in June!


I've been here in this over sized cat box since 1989 (geez, that makes me feel old) and I never have seen weather like this in the middle of June! The high today was 86 °F. Now that has to be some sort of record. Along with the great weather comes some great cycling! Yahoo! It also brings a bit of wind, but I gotta tellya, I'd rather have a little wind than 110+ temperatures by 9am.

We decided to just do our own thing today and head over to Boulder City for a loop around the neighborhoods and then make our way back to Anthem. It has been awhile since Miz Bobbie has been on an extended ride so I willingly obliged her desire to put in a few more miles. The ride down Hwy 93 isn't the greatest road but it is the only way to get there, at least until they get the River Mountain Trail finished. They are doing pretty well, however. I noticed a section of paved path from Boulder City to about halfway to railroad pass. So, it at least looks like things are progressing.


The Very Old Boulder Dam Hotel

Like I said, the weather was superb while we made our way past the airport and on up the short but steep incline that leads you back to "horse country." It is kinda odd seeing all these really expensive homes backed up to horse stalls that radiate with the smell of horse shit. Well, I guess if you are a horse person, that never ending smell must be a treat. Not for me however. It was all I could do just to get through the place. Well, the loop through the old part of town basically dumps you back onto Hwy 93 where you get to make the trip back, you're just on the other side of the road...


I could tell that the ride was wearing on Bobbie because she gets real quiet when she gets tired. And the fact that she so quietly said to me while we were stopped at a traffic light, "I is tired boss..." The paced slowed, the head hung over the handlebars, and the cadence also slowed as we crawled our way up another 600 feet to Anthem. All in all, a really great ride and good initial training for my Copper Mountain riding partner.

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