Thursday, June 18, 2009

Race Across America - RAAM 2009


My virtual friend Bob Avrit from BikeJournal will be riding RAAM this year with 7 other folks who have Type 2 diabetes to not only to conquer a challenge, but to promote awareness of the disease. It is quite a feat indeed for 8 guys riding relay style. They kick off today on their journey. You can follow them on the RAAM site. Their team name is Team Type 2. Should be quite exciting to follow. Team Type 2 Website

I gave some thought once to riding my bike across America, and I may just do that given that I'm still able and have the time. But racing across America, I'm not sure about that. I'm all over these endurance sport type thingees, but I'm not that obsessed. I do, however, enjoy reading about RAAM from the comfort of my office chair and the companionship of my PC. Having done both the Furnace Creek 508 and Hoodoo 500, I can at least say I have tasted a bit of what RAAM is all about; tasted but not experienced. One can only truly appreciate the suffering by being there. It is kinda like putting drop of really expensive wine on your pallet. You get the idea, put not the appreciation of what really goes into a fine glass or bottle.

RAAM 2009 kicked off this past week with the solo male riders and solo women going first. The team riders will follow on the weekend as they are a faster bunch and tend to catch the solos about one-third of the way into the race. The race organizers have added another flavor to the race by adding an event called RAW, or Race Across the West. This little gem is about 1000 miles long, ending in TAOS, New Mexico. Fast and furious this will be I'm sure.

Good luck to all!

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